Project Description

Log Debarker

Log Debarker is used for rounding the log and removing the bark(pills) before peeling the veneer. Which is suitable for the eucalyptus, pine, cotton wood and other trees. Before peeling, removing  the bark of log and making the log straight. The log debarker is has two types: 4ft(1300mm), 8ft(2600mm),  which also can be customized.

  • The feed mechanism is hydraulic driven, Which can  put in logs  and remove bark then make wood rounded quickly and high-efficiency . One set log debarker can supply 2 set  veneer peeling machine
  • It has saved the original manual debarking and rounding procedure, can save 5-6 workers.
  • For smaller  diameter log, especially lower than 500mm diameter,  it is  better to choose log debarker.
  • Highly effective and easy to operate.

log debarker machine 1

Main features of Log Debarker: 

  1. Increasing of the roller diameter for single and double roller, improving the speed of removing log debark  .
  2. The single and double roller surface adopts chrome plating, improving wear-resisting of roller.
  3. The log debarker adopt hydraulic feeding mechanism, the feed pressure can be adjusted and display, suitable for different logs .
  4. Easy  operation, convenient maintenance, which re quire operators and workers is not high-tech

Technical Data of log debaker

Type 4ft Log Debarker 8ft Log Debarker
Max.length 1300mm 2600mm
Max.diameter 500mm 500mm
speed 41m/min 41m/min
Rate of peeling >98% >98%
Rate of wood lose <2% <2%
Control system hydraulic hydraulic
Total power 19kw 26kw
Total weight 3100kg 4100kg
Over size(mm) 3560x2250x1500 4900x2200x1500