Project Description


Veneer glue spreader is made by steel with solid and sturdy structure.The gap between spreading rolls and squeezing rolls can be adjusted freely by hand-wheels.

Two spreading rolls are made of rubber covering with treated surface. The pressure and the quality of glue can be regulated by pneumatic system according to the type of glue and the maturial of work piece.

The control system adopts inverter with stepless motor. The requriement for the glue is not strict.

It is the classical machine for small production line with simple operation and maintenance.

wood veneer glub spreader

Main Features of Veneer Glue Spreader: 

glub spreader details 1glub spreader details 2

  1. The Veneer Glue Spreader has 4 feet,5 feet & 8 feet to meet your requirement,other specail dimension,it can be customized by your requirement.
  2. Biggest diameter of veneer  glue spreader roller,reached 430mm.
  3. The materail of gluing roller surface use first-class nature rubber,anticorrosion,abrasion resistance,better gluing performance.
  4. Gluing more even,excellent perofrmance and save glue.
  5. Gluing speed faster than old model,use gear drive and big motor to ensure high efficiency.
  6. With output support,so it can be connected with the automatic line easily,save both time and labour.
  7. With newest design,Itlian technology and combined rich experience of our engineers.

Technical Data of Veneer Glue Spreader

Modle  LTGS-2700  LTGS-1400
Max. Processing Length 2700mm 1400mm
Rubber Roller Diameter 310mm 250mm
Max. Working Thickness 70mm 70mm
Glue Spreading Speed 12-60m/min 24-90m/min
Chromate Treatment Roller Diameter 240mm 210mm
Number of Roller 4 4
Motor Power 5.5kw, 380V-50Hz 3phase 3kw, 380V-50Hz 3phase
Overall Dimension 3400x1200x1300mm 2200x1200x1400mm
Weight  2200kgs 800kgs
Payment terms  T/T 30%,Balance before leave factory T/T 30%,Balance before leave factory
Delievry time  In 14 days In 14 days