Project Description


Plywood hot press machine is the main machine in plywood production line, it is important for plywood quality, so the quality of hot press machine is very important.

Plywood hot press machine can press veneers together with high temperature. Which is used in furnitures and artificial board secondary operation. Manual and automatic controls make the hydraulic press faster, more precise, and more convenient for international customers to use.

Main Features of Plywood Hot Press Machine

  1. The heating medium,it can choosethermo oil and heat steam for our customer.
  2. The control system,the control system can be automatic and manual.

Automatic control are carried out by PLC control,which using OMRON as main electrical parts,use big size touch screen to operate.

  1. Technology of hydraulic system.All the hydraulic system is from shanghai who has same technology with Japanese.
  2.  Structure.The whole structure adopts thicken steel sheet(30mm).We promise:Our steel sheet which using in our hot press machines,it is solid steel.
  3.  Hot press plate.For our hot press plate,we have professional technician and advanced manufacturing technology.Each procedure adopts strict management by scientist test measure,in the production of the finished products after rigorous testing,finished product against failure.
  4.  We have 4 * 8 feet  3*6 feet and special size for your option.The number of layers can be customized.
  5.  Add  control valve for each layers,which can control the temperature accurately.

Technical Data of Plywood Hot Press Machine

Nominal pressure400Ton500Ton600Ton
 cylinders2 pcs2 pcs2 pcs
Diameter of cylinderφ320mmφ360mmφ400mm
Stroke of cylinders1050mm1050mm1050mm
system Pressure25Mpa25Mpa25Mpa
The flow of main pump250ml/rev260ml/rev270ml/rev
Pressure oil pump10ml/rev
plunger pump
Plunger pump
plunger pump
Main generator11KW11KW11KW
Pressure generator5.5KW5.5KW5.5KW
Time of no-load closingAbout 27sAbout 27sAbout 27s
General dimensions3560*1370*40003560*1370*40003560*1370*4000
Height of top crossbeam800mm800mm800mm
Height of nether crossbeam800mm800mm800mm
Thickness of steal board35mm40mm45mm
Dimension of active(mm)2700*1370*4002700*1370*4002700*1370*400
Thickness of steal board

in active crossbeam

 22mm 22mm 22mm