Project Description


Core veneer composor (jointer)  machine is suitable for core veneer joining together in plywood production line and it can process different sizes of core veneer (poplar, eucalyptus wood, etc.) with high strength thread and hot melt adhesive connection as one whole body, then facilitate the subsequent stages of production of plywood line .The whole process is automatic and only one operator is enough.

Main Features of Veneer Composer: 

  • After tenderized using PLC controller to cut the edge, joint the core and piece cutting.
  • After the core has been tenderized. The strong blower device can remove the dust one the

core veneer.

  • The PLC controller enables cutting more precise, it can available reduce the odd core. It helps

control, monitor and maintenance more convenient.

  • The back-feeding wheel device is synchronizing with feeding speed, to avoid overlap or gap

of the jointing core.

  • It is equipped with hot melt glue yarn for help jointing. Cooling water tank of glue yarn is circle well by the cooler. It gets the best joint.

Technical Data of Veneer Composer

Core veneer jointing machine
Working veneer width800-1270 mm (3-4ft)
Cutting veneer length1220-2560 mm (4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft)
Working veneer thickness1.2-3.6 mm
Length of knife1400 mm
Feeding speed0-40m/min
Thickness detecting20 points
Over thickness detecting3 points
Electric power requirement380V-50Hz 3phase
Cutting power4.5kw X 1pc
Transfer power3kw X 2pcs
After the knife power3kw X 1pc
Raise power3kw X 1pc
Transfer power1.5kw X 3pcs
Push the veneer power1.5kw X 1pc
Heater power7.5kw
Glue Applicator power0.2kw
Cool Fan power0.75kw X 3pcs
Refrigeration system1.5Hp
Air compressor power3.7kw (6kg/cm)
Area occupied (W x L)2300X13000mm
Main machine3800X2300X2200mm
Push veneer system4000X1900X2300mm
Output300-350pcs/hour (4x8ft)
Shipping measurement25cbm