Most of us are familiar with Plywood, the furniture are made by plywood in our living. The appearance of plywood furnture is same to solid wood furnture, and also improved timber utilization and cost saving, it is popular in the market.

Plywood is made by high-temperature pressing with multi-layer veneers. And the veneers is produced by the veneer peeling machine, so the plwood quality is affected by the veneer peeling machine.

Every customer need different thickness of veneer, so we need to adjust the veneer peeling machine to produce different thickness of veneer. Adjustment method is below”

The default veneer thickness is 1-2mm, if we need to adjust the veneer thickness, first , adjust the pressure of peeling machine. Put the set square(500*250mm) between the double blossom rollers upside and inside, put the strairht ruler(150mm) stand up to the single blossom roller upside, then observe the number value on the symphyses between the under of the set square and the straight ruler. When the thickness of veneer is 1-2mm, the symphyses value is 35-36mm, if you want the veneer thickness is less than 1mm, you should add the value, means greater than 36mm. if you need the thickness of veneer is greater than 2mm, the symphyses value should be reduced, means less than 35mm.