How To Choose Spindle Veneer Peeling Machine And Spindle-less Peeling Machine?

The performance of spindle peeling machine and spindle-less peeling machine:

Peeling machine is now indispensable in wood processing ,improving the efficiency of wood procession. The machine can be divided into spindle Peeling machine and the spindle-less one. So what is the difference? And which one is better?

Let’s listen to the engineer:

spindle peeling machine function by using two clamps stuck in the wood sections at the two ends fixed wood to make the wood rotation. But the spindle-less peeling machine didn’t, this machine didn’t equip with clamps. but it makes the way  by three squeeze rollers rotating the timber  to satisfy the requirement.

Large diameter wood is the target of spindle peeling machine ,which can process 10cm–140cm diameter wood.while the spindle-less peeling machine focus on the  smaller diameter wood,it can process 3–40cm diameter wood . But the material must be round.

It’s hard to determine which one is better,something totally depend on your material and requirement.such as:the diameter, shape of  wood and use of wood panels, off course,your  quality requirements.

Generally ,large diameter wood can be  preliminary processed by spindle peeling machine,and then accomplished by the spindle-less one. It’s largely depend on the actual conditions. Ordinarily,20 cm diameter wood can be processed by spindle-less peeling machine.

Spindle-less peeling machine adopts advanced computer numerical control (CNC) system,

It works through intelligently timber rotation and linear feed knife peeling to cut logs. in the process of peeling, single and double roller keep constant speed, during the procession,spindle sets feed back to the inductorium by the displacement sensor , inverter output corresponding frequency to make motor running faster, further accelerate the speed of the cutter screw sets fast forward to complete the final cut.

the CNC computer screen display the current diameter of the wood log and the rotational speed of roller.  The spindle-less veneer peeling machine can be operated by one person.