How To Clean Veneer Peeling Machine

How To Clean Veneer Peeling Machine?

Veneer peeling machine Regular cleaning is very important operation which can guarantee the efficient operation and service life of the machine. Many people think that spend lots of time to clean the machine is not very necessary, but Long-term accumulation of dust will corrode or even block peeling machine parts and then Bring economic losses .

1 , So in order to facilitate our next use,The machine table should to be cleared timely.

2 , In order to maintain the machine work smoothly and avoid midway fault, Sawdust in scroll orbit and its surrounding should to be cleared timely.

3, kad-screw is the most important equipment, which affects the accuracy of the machine and plays a key machine in operation effect, so periodically and duly scavenging the dung and arming which in the kad-screw is needful.

4 ,If you notice that your circuit board is collecting dust or grime which will keeps it from functioning normally, you may decide to clean the Control box.