Veneer peeling lathe

Veneer peeling lathe has the merits of high degree of automation, fitted with automatic bar pressure,which means the pressure in the peeling process could be automatic without manual pressure bar, but in the installation and trial process,there are still many attention. The Trial point of installation for Veneer peeling lathe are as follows:

The foundation of machine should be level and solid. To ensure its steady and less vibration performance when the machine function. It could be adjusted to horizontal by dint of rule after installation.

If necessary, we can fasten the base  by filled the space with cement reinforce it by anchor bolt.

Peeling machine trial:

After connect the power cord of the motors and air switch waiting to be driving.

Check the firmness of the motors and chain, the tightness of the belt by the method of manual test.

Check the functioning of the transmission mechanism, and to ensure stable and reliable links, operating normally without blocking.

Check the position of the parts of the correctness and robustness.

Check the accuracy and robustness of each guard.

Check the operation of the buttons and the hand-wheel to  ensure sensitive and effective.

After above checks, greased the machine’s axle with clean lubricant. Then test the machine step by step.

  • main motor test:make sure principal axis normal when functioning
  • Driving and reversing motor test:make blade adapter normal when functioning
  • Clamping motor test:make sure axis normal in quick clamping and release performance.
  • Cutter table motor test:make sure it quick and no step appearance when reciprocating
  • Pressure controller motor test:make sure pressure gauge function quickly and no step appearance when reciprocating
  • Make sure the motor and decelerating motor function normally,Installation stable, wire rope without damage, each link is securely snap.

Attention: after one parts test ,close it,and then for the next.

When all checked properly it can be put into production use.