Hydraulic Veneer peeling machine is the mainly machine for making veneer ,which promoted productivity of wood working a great deal. In daily use,we should pay more attention to the maintenance of a machine and avoid declared unsafe. Here are some tips:

1:Gear must be properly lubricated to increases the machine durability.

2: Check for all instrument, limit switches and limitation stop installation condition and  made sure everything worked

3:accessory for machine tool should be performed routinely before initiating ; make sure indication meters and motor in gear after activation;makes the machine running smooth with Iow noise and long life,and occurrence of abnormal vibration and noise of devices should be vigilant.

4:large knot in the  lumber should be removed first,  reduce feed volume and adjust the speed of machine could weaken cutter frame vibration when we rotary cutting large knot.

5:Minimize the use of large-sized wood peeling machine peeling  billet wood and small-diameter section to avoid wear and mechanical damage.

6:after work the machine should be cleaned, all parts of the knife, pressure gauge, screw, shaft card application cotton and wood stains wipe, to prevent corrosion.

To maintain its efficiency, the machinery needs a regular service ( check – over, repairing, overhaul )   Replace timely worn or damaged  Feed screw, nut, cards shaft and sleeve. Remove timely dusts, small pieces and etc.