wood veneer

Some Questions About The Quality Of Wood Veneer

The veneer peeling machine can rotary-cut very thin veneers now. but if the veneer peeling machine break down, the veneer quality will be affected, and the veneer output will be drawdown.

So we have some suggestions about the problems of venner, maybe can help you.

  1. The wood venner is rolled

This situation is due to the blade outlet is too narrow or the knife rest is too high. It is simple to slove it, need the both sides ram screws and adjusting screws be loosen, then the blade outlet be broaden, and the hight of knife rest be lower.

  1. The thickness of wood veneer is uneven.

This situation is because of ranging encoder or electronic ruler break down. The solution is: the fast-forward frequency adjust to 2HZ, then see the change of wood diameter is whether continuous. if the pausal situation also be happen or the roller speed is not normal, the ranging encoder is broken, need to change it.

  1. the veneer shape is undulate.

This is because of the cutting feed resistance is too high. The solution: check the electric current from transducer is whether greater than 5, if the currenct is beyond, need adjust the machine, and check the lubrication.