CNC Veneer Peeling Machine

What is Spindle-less CNC Veneer Peeling Machine?

CNC veneer peeling machine is the main equipment for the production of plywood,which belongs to no mechanical transmission axis card peeling machine.

CNC is computer numerical control.

It is a kind of spindle-less mechanical transmission equipment which mainly CNC Veneer Peeling machine is mainly composed of frame,double roller system, single roll system, tool post, transmission system, electrical system, etc..

So Spindleless CNC veneer peeling machine satisfies the requirements of high precision wear-resistant alloy gear transmission as a spindleless mechanical transmission equipment,With durable qualities.Our product is used computer system, automatically running simply operating which apply itself to rotary-cut heart wood remained by spindle peeling machine and Trail of wooden circle. Cottonwood, maple, pinewood, birch , miscellaneous tree, trimmed log or heart wood of clamp – shaft remained usually serve as the raw material of Spindles peeling machine .our production specialize in Small wood disposition,which economic,easy operation and environmentally friendly.

Merits of Spindles peeling machine :Processing veneer of uniform thickness and smooth surface ,Reasonable structure ,convenient operation and maintenance ,less quick-wear part,Long service,Saving timber resources.

LT WOOD MACHINE is a professional production of the earlier manufacturers cnc Veneer peeling machine which enjoy Strong technical force and our production has the advantages of stable performance,Compact structure,Simple operation and high production efficiency act.

We are special in Professional production of 1.3 m, 2.6 m vertical, horizontal type, there are spindle, spindless, fine wooden shaft and other kinds of Veneer peeling machine, pressing machine.With advanced equipment and technology, scientific management and quality control systems, we have won a good reputation among worldwide customers.