veneer peeling lathe

what is veneer peeling lathe?

Veneer peeling lathe/lathe currently used, although to a large extent has reached the purpose of saving wood, but there are still many deficiencies in the use of certain functions.

Veneer peeling lathe divided into two kinds of spindle and spindless, spindle peeling lathe cannot be detailed wood processing, which resulted in a large waste timber.

But the spindless veneer peeling lathe could eliminate this deficiency .It works by rotating timber and knife table intelligent linear feed to complete peeling purposes, in the process of peeling, single and double roller speed constantly, with the reduction of timber and timber diameter, knife table feed feedback to the inverter through displacement sensor, the inverter output frequency corresponding to the motor running faster, further speeding up the screw speed to make rapid progress knife sets, to complete the final cut.

How to maintain veneer peeling lathe?

  • Every time after use, remember to check the mechanical wear. When something goes wrong, you can repair it yourself or seek the professional person’ But you are recommended to solve it in the first time.
  • If some components need to be removed, you are recommended to buy the high quality substitution .otherwise, coveting cheap will result in the damage of lathe. Simple repair is permitted. However, we must grasp the intensity
  • Huge maintenance need professional technology to support, then technicians will dismantle the whole lathe to repair it. At this point it’s very difficult for laypeople to accomplish the task.

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