wood veneer

What is wood veneer?


Veneer is also named wood veneer, which is a thin layer of wood, and is peeled from logs, the thickness of veneer is 1mm-2mm. the wood veneer is used to made plywood and other artificial boards.

Generally, the high-quality wood veneer is as the face-veneer of plywood, the low-grade veneer is as core-veneer and back board of plywood.

The wood veneer is diferent from solid wood, that solid wood is sawn from logs, this production process is more waste than peeling from log. If the wood veneer is produced by veneer peeling machine, it will be saved more logs or timbers.

Wood veneer Application:

Wood veneer can be used for plywood,wallpaper, veneer parquet, flexible veneer sheets and so on.

How to make wood Veneer?

The wood veneer Production line included:log cutting machine, log debarker, veneer peeling machine, veneer slicer machine, veneer splicer, veneer dryer.

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